Join the Live Jam

UPDATE: Unfortunately, we were unable to get the live stream started on the link that was sent to everyone. We ended the jam early due to these and other technical issues. So very sorry to disappoint you. Thanks for trying to join in. 

Joel and Gavin


You've made it! It's Wednesday, February 10th, you've navigated to the jams page, found the link to join the jam, and now you're here wondering what to do.

This evening, Gavin and Joel will be attempting to lead the jam, playing together, but each from their own homes.

Rather than the usual Zoom jam, we've had to switch to live streaming on Youtube, mostly for technical reasons.

Use the embedded player above to join in, or better yet, open up the page on Youtube itself and join the chat as well!

Is there a cover charge? Normally we charge a cover at the door for the Ukebox Pub Nights. Tonight is a free jam, no cover charge is necessary.

However, if you have the means and would like to support the jam, you can use the following donation button to contribute.

The above button will take one-time contribution in CAD as well as recurring ones if you you choose.

You could also consider becoming our patron on Patreon. This option takes recurring payments in USD.

Choosing either of these options to contribute to the jams financially allows us to spend the necessary time involved in producing the jam. Thanks so much for your support!