Broken Bicycles
Tom Waits (1982)

3/4 | D - - u d - |
      1   2 & 3

[Am]  [Am]  [Bb]  [Bb]
[E7]  [E7]  [E7↓]

[Am] Broken bicycles [E7] old busted chains
[Dm] with rusted handlebars [E7] out in the [Am] rain
[Am] Somebody must have an [E7] orphanage for
[Dm] all these things that [G7] nobody [C] wants any [E7] more.
[A] September is reminding [Dm] July  [Dm]
[E7] it's time to be [E7] saying good- [Am] bye [A7]
[Dm] summer is [G7] gone
but our [C] love will re- [Edim7] main
like [Dm] old broken [E7] bicycles
[Am] out in the [E7] rain.

[Am] [Am] [Bb] [Bb]
[Am] [Am] [Bb] [Bb]
[E7] [E7] [E7↓]

[Am] Broken bicycles [E7] don't tell my folks
[Dm] there's all those playing cards
[E7] pinned to the [Am] spokes
[Am] laid down like skeletons [E7] out on the lawn
[Dm] the wheels won't [G7] turn when the [C] other has [E7] gone.
[A] The seasons can [A] turn on a [Dm] dime [Dm]
[E7] somehow I for- [E7] get every [Am] time [A7]
[Dm] for all the things that you've [G7] given me
[C] will always [Edim7] stay
[Dm] broken but [E7] I'll never
[Am] throw them [E7] away

[Am] [Am] [Bb] [Bb]
[E7] [E7] [Am↓]

#Capo on 3rd fret to play with Tom Waits' version.

#Can play along in this key for 1st verse with this cover version (mixed with another song).
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