Do You Believe In Magic?
The Lovin' Spoonful (John Sebastian, 1965)

| [Dm] [Em] | [F]  [Em] |   
| [Dm] [Em] | [F]  [G]   | [G]

Do you believe in [C] magic in a [F] young girl's heart?
How the [C] music can free her, when- [F] ever it starts
And it's [C] magic, if the [F] music is groovy
It [C] makes you feel happy like an [F] old- time movie
I'll [Dm] tell you about the [Em] magic, and it'll [F] free your [Em] soul
But it's like [G] trying to tell a stranger 'bout, rock and roll

[G] If you believe in [C] magic don't [F] bother to choose
If it's [C] jug band music or [F] rhythm and blues
Just go and [C] listen it'll [F] start with a smile
It won't [C] wipe off your face no matter [F] how hard you try
Your [Dm] feet start [Em] tapping and you [F] can't seem to [Em] find
How you [G] got there, so just blow your mind

| [F]   | [F]   | [C]   | [C]  
| [F] [Em] | [F] [Em] | [G] | [G]

If you believe in [C] magic, come a- [F] long with me
We'll [C] dance until morning 'til there's [F] just you and me
And [C] maybe, if the [F] music is right
I'll [C] meet you tomorrow, sort of [F] late at night
And [Dm] we'll go [Em] dancing baby, [F] then you'll [Em] see
How the [G] magic's in the music and the music's in me
[F] Yeah, do you believe in [C] magic [C]

Yeah, [F] believe in the [Em] magic of a young [F] girl's [Em] soul
Be- [F] lieve in the [Em] magic of [F] rock and [Em] roll
Be- [F] lieve in the [Em] magic that can [F] set you [Em] free
[G] Ohh, talking 'bout the [F] magic

[F] Do you believe in [C] magic
[C] Do you believe, be- [F] lieve
[F] Do you believe in [C] magic [C↓]

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