Esta Tarde Vi Llover / Yesterday I Heard the Rain
Armando Manzanero / Tony Bennett

Yester- | [D] day I heard the rain, | [D] whispering your name, |
| [Em7] Asking where you'd [A7] gone   | [Em7] [A7]  
It fell | [Em7] softly from the [A7] clouds | [Em7] on the silent [A7] crowds,
| [D] As I wandered on.   | [D]  [D7]  
Out of | [G] doorways, black um- | [F#m] brellas [B7] came to pur- | [Em7] sue me, | [Em7]    
Faceless | [G#dim7] people... as they | [C#7] passed
Were looking | [F#m] through me [B7] one | [Em7] knew me. [A7]  

Yerter- | [D] day I shut my eyes, | [D] face up to the skies, |
| [Em7] Drinkin' in the [A7] rain   | [Em7] [A7]  
But your | [Em7] image still was [A7] there, | [Em7] floating in the [A7] air,
| [F#m] Brighter than a flame.   | [B7] ...
Yester- | [G] day  I... saw a | [C#dim7] city,  
Full of | [Bm7] shadows,  without | [Bb] pity,
And I | [D] heard the steady [Bm7] rain... | [G] whispering your [Em7] name,
| [D] ...Whispering your name.   | [Em7] [A7]  

Esta | [D] tarde vi llover, | [D] vi gente correr |
| [Em7] Y no estabas [A7] | [Em7] [A7]  
La otra | [Em7] noche vi bril- [A7] lar un | [Em7] lucero a- [A7] zul |
| [D] Y no estabas tú   | [D] [D7]  
La otra | [G] tarde vi que un | [F#m] ave [B7] enamora- | [Em7] da... | [Em7]    
Daba | [G#dim7] besos a su a- | [C#7] mor
ilusio- | [F#m] nada, [B7] ...Y no es- | [Em7] tabas [A7]  

Esta | [D] tarde vi llover, | [D] vi gente correr |
| [Em7] Y no estabas [A7] tú... | [Em7] [A7]  
El o- | [Em7] toño vi lle- [A7] gar... | [Em7] al mar oí can- [A7] tar |
| [F#m] Y no estabas | [B7] tú...
Yo no | [G] sé cuánto me | [C#dim7] quieres
Si me ex- | [Bm7] trañas o me en- | [Bb] gañas
Solo | [D] sé que vi llo- [Bm7] ver... | [G] vi gente cor- [Em7] rer |
| [D] Y no estabas tú     | [Em7] [A7]   | [D↓]  

#Capo on 1st fret to play with Armando Manzanero.

#Play along with Dean Martin in this key.

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