Jolie Louise
Daniel Lanois (1989)

4/4 | d - D u - u d u |
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| [D]   | [D]   | [A7]   | [D]   |

| [D] Ma jolie, how do you | do?
Mon nom est | [A7] Jean-Guy Thibault-Le- | [D] roux
| [D] I come from east of Gati- | neau
My name is | [A7] Jean-Guy, ma jo- | [D] lie

J'ai une mai- | [A7] son à La Fon- | taine
Where we will | [D] live if you marry | me
Une belle mai- | [A7] son à La Fon- | taine
Where we will | [Bm] live, you and | [G] me
Oh oh Lou- | [D] ise, oh oh oh | oh...
ma [A7] jolie Lou- | [D] ise   | [D↓]

Tous les matins au so- [D] leil
I would [A7] work, 'til work is done [D]
[D] Tous les matins au so- [D] leil
I did [A7]work 'til work is done [D]

And one [A7] day the foreman
Said "Jean- [D] Guy, we must let you go"
Et puis mon [A7] nom, y'est pas bon
At the [Bm] mill any- [G] more
Oh oh Lou- [D] ise, I'm losing my head,
I'm [A7] losing my [D] head   | [D↓]

My kids are small, four and [D] three
Et la bou- [A7] teille, she's mon a- [D] mi
[D] I drink the rhum 'til I can't [D] see
It hides the [A7] shame Louise does not [D] see

A carou- [A7] ssel turns in my head
And I can't [D] hide, oh no no no no,
And the [A7] rage turned in my head
And Lou- [Bm] ise, I struck her [G] down
Down on the [D] ground,
I'm losing my [A7] mind,
I'm losing my [D] mind   | [D↓]

En septembre 'soixante [D] trois
The kids are [A7] gone and so is Lou- [D] ise.
Ontario they did [D] go
Near la [A7] ville de Toron- [D] to

Now my [A7] tears they roll down
Tous les [D] jours, oh oh oh oh oh,
And I re- [A7] member the days
And the [Bm] promises that we [G] made
Oh Lou- [D] ise, ma jolie Louise,
ma [A7] jolie Lou- [D] ise
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh [D] oh...
oh oh [A7] oh... oh oh [D↓] oh

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