Mack The Knife
Bobby Darin (Weill & Brecht, 1928)

Oh, the [C6] shark, babe,
has such [Dm] teeth, dear
And it [G7] shows them
pearly [C6] white
Just a [Am] jackknife
has old Mack [Dm] Heath, babe
And he [G7] keeps it, ah,
out of [C6] sight

Ya know when that [C6] shark bites
with his [Dm] teeth, babe
Scarlet [G7] billows
start to [C6] spread
Fancy [Am] gloves, oh,
wears old Mack [Dm] Heath, babe
So there's [G7] never, never
a trace of [C6] red

Now on the [C6] sidewalk huh-huh,
oooh Sunday [Dm] morning uh huh
Lies a [G7] body
just oozin' [C6] life
And  someone's [Am] sneakin'
'round the [Dm] corner
Could that [G7] someone
be Mack the [C6] Knife?

There's a [C6] tugboat huh-huh-huh
down by the [Dm] river don't you know
With a [G7] cement bag
just'a drooping on [C6] down
Oh, that [Am] cement is just,
it's there for the [Dm] weight, dear
Five'll [G7] get you ten ol'
Mackie's back in [C6] town

Now d'ja hear 'bout Louie [C6] Miller?
He disap[Dm]peared, babe
After [G7] drawin' out
all his hard-earned [C6] cash
And now Mack [Am] Heath spends
just like a [Dm] sailor
Could it [G7] be our boy's
done somethin' [C6] rash?

Now Jenny [C6] Diver ho - ho -yeah
Sookie Tau[Dm]dry
Oooh, Miss [G7] Lottie Lenya,
and old Lucy [C6] Brown
Oh, the [Am] line forms
on the [Dm] right, babe
Now that [G7] Mackie's
back in [C6] town

I said [C6] Jenny Diver, whoa
Sookie Tau[Dm]dry,
Look out for Miss [G7] Lottie Lenya,
and old Lucy [C6] Brown
Yes, that [Am] line forms
on the [Dm] right, babe
Now that [G7] Mackie's...
back in [C] town...   [C]

Look out old Mackie's back!

#Original in key of B. This chart is in key of C.
#Last Updated 9/28/18 JJ
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