Poisoning Pigeons in the Park
Tom Lehrer (1959)

3/4 | d - D - D - |
      1   2   3

| [C] | [A7] | [D7] | [G7] |   
| [C] | [A7] | [D7] | [G7] |   

[C] Spring is [A7] here, a [D7] spring is [G7] here
[C] Life is [A7] skittles, and [D7] life is [G7] beer
[Dm] I think the [G7] loveliest [C] time of the [G7] year is the [C] spring
I [A7] do! Don't [D7] you? Of [G7] course you do!
But there's [Dm] one thing that [G7] makes spring com- [C] plete for me [C]
And [D7] makes every [D7] Sunday a [G7] treat for me!  [G7↓]    

All the [C] world seems in [Cmaj7] tune, on a [C6] spring after- [Cmaj7] noon
When were [C] poisoning [C7] pigeons in the [G7] park
Every [Dm] Sunday you'll see, my | sweetheart and me
As we [Dm] poison the [G7] pigeons in the [C] park!   [C7]  

Post- Chorus
When [Fm] they see us coming, the [C] birdies all try and [C!] hide
But they [D7] still go for [D7] peanuts when [G7] coated with cy- an- ide
The [C] sun's shining [Cmaj7] bright, every- [C6] thing seems all [C] right,
When we're [Dm] poisoning [G7] pigeons in the [C] park!  [A7]     [D7]     [G7!]

We've [C] gained noto- [Cmaj7] riety, and [C6] caused much an- [C] xiety
In the [C] audubon so- [Cmaj7] ciety, with our [C6] games  [C]
They [G7] call it im- | piety, and | lack of pro- | priety
And [G7] quite a va- | riety of... | unpleasant [D7] names
But its [D7] not against any re- [G] ligion, to [D7] want to dispose of a [G7] pigeon!

So....if [C] Sunday you're [Cmaj7] free, why don't [C6] you come with [C] me            
And we'll [Dm] poison the [G7] pigeons in the [Dm] park?   [G7]  
And [Dm] maybe we'll [G7] do in a [Dm] squirrel or [G7] two
While we're [Dm] poisoning [G7] pigeons in the [C] park   [C7]  

Post- chorus
We'll [Fm] murder them all, amid [C] laughter and merriment
Ex- [D7] cept for the few we take [G7] home to experiment!
My [C] pulse will be [Cmaj7] quickening with [C6] each drop of [C] strychenine we [D7] feed to a [G7] pigeon
It [D7] just takes a [G7] smidgin, to [D7] poison a [G7] pigeon in the [C] park!   [G7↓] [C↓]  

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