The Songs Page

These are the songs that we’ve played together at the Ukebox Pub Nights. The keys chosen and strumming patterns suggested are an interpretation of the song and are provided here to help you learn in advance of, and during our jams.

Many thanks for all the contributions from members of the Ottawa ukulele community, as well as from the greater online uking community. A special thanks goes out to two sources in particular, from which a great number of these charts are derived: Bytown Ukulele Group (BUG), especially Sue Rogers; and Dan Panke from for his song suggestions and invaluable help with making the functionality of this webpage possible.

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Song Title
Files, etc.
After You've Gone (Key of Bb)
Ella Fitzgerald (Layton & Creamer, 1918)
Play along in this key with Ella or Loudon Wainright III.
After You've Gone (Key of G)
Django Reinhardt (Layton & Creamer, 1918)
Play along in this key with Django.
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Leo Friedman & Beth Slater Whitson (1910)
Shine On Harvest Moon
Leon Redbone (Bayes/Norworth, 1908)
Play along with Leon Redbone's 1977 version in this key.