Blue Bayou
Roy Orbison (with Joe Melson, 1963)

4/4 | d - R u - u d u |  Gently

| [C]   | [C]
I [C] feel so bad I've got a worried mind
[G7] I'm so lonesome, all the time
[G7] Since I left my baby behind on [C] Blue Bayou [C]
[C] Saving nickels, saving dimes
[G7] Working 'til the sun don't shine
[G7] Looking forward to happier times on [C] Blue Bayou [C]

I'm going [C] back some day, come what may to [G7] Blue Bayou [G7]
Where you [G7] sleep all day, and the catfish play on [C] Blue Bayou [C]
All those [C] fishing boats with their [C7] sails afloat
If [F] I could only [Fm↓] see
That fa- [C] miliar sunrise, through [G7] sleepy eyes
How [C] happy I'd be [C]

[C] Oh to see my baby again
[G7] And to be with some of my friends
[G7] Maybe I'll be happy then on [C] Blue Bayou [C]

I'm going [C] back some day, gonna stay on [G7] Blue Bayou [G7]
Where the [G7] folks are fine and the world is mine on [C] Blue Bayou [C]
Ah that [C] girl of mine [C7] by my side
The [F] silver moon and the [Fm↓] evening tide
Oh [C] some sweet day, gonna [G7] take away
This [C] hurtin' inside [C]
I'll [G7] never be blue, my dreams come true
On [G7] Blue [G7] Ba- [C] you [C]  / [C]  / [C↓]

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