Remember Me
From Pixar's "Coco" (Robert Lopez/Kristen Anderson-Lopez, 2017)

Remember | [C] me
Though I | [Fm6]  have to say goodbye
Remember | [C] me
Don't | [Bb7] let it make you [E7] cry
For | [Am] even if I'm far away I
| [Gm7] hold you in my [C] heart |
I | [F] sing a secret song to you each |
| [Fm6↓] night we are a- [Dm7↓] part

Remember | [C] me
Though I | [Fm6] have to travel far
Remember | [C] me
Each time | [Gm7] you hear a sad [C] guitar |
| [F] Know that I'm with you the only |
| [Em↓] way that [E7↓] I can [Am↓] be [Cm↓]...
Un- | [Fm6] til you're in my arms a- | [G↓] gain...
[Cm↓] Re- [Ab↓] mem- [Fm6↓] ber [C↓] me

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