Up On the Roof
Carole King w/James Taylor (King/Goffin, 1962)

Carole (Key of C)
| [F↓] ...When | [C] this old world starts | [Am] getting me down
And | [F] people are just too | [Dm] much for me to | [C] face  [F↓] [G↓] | [C]  
I | [C] climb way up to the | [Am] top of the stairs
And | [F] all my cares just | [Dm] drift [G7] right in to | [C] space [F↓] [G↓] | [C]  

| [F] On the roof it's | [F] peaceful as can | [F] be   | [F]  
And | [C] there the world be- | [Am] low can't bother | [Dm] me   | [C7↓]    

James (Key of F)
So then | [F] I come home feelin' | [Dm] tired and [Am] beat
Come on | [Bb] go up where the | [C7] air is fresh and | [F] sweet | [Bb] [C] |
I | [F] get far away from the | [Dm] hustling [Am] crowd
And | [Bb] all that rat race | [C7] noise down in the | [F] street | [Bb↓] [C↓] [F↓↓] |   

| [Bb] On the [C] roof, | [Bb] that's the only [C] place I | [Gm] know  [C]   | [Bb] [C]  
Where | [F] you just have to | [Dm] wish to make [C↓] it | [Bb] so-oh-oh-oh
Let's | [C7] go, up on my |

Instrumental (Key of F)
| [F] roof   | [Dm]   | [Bb] [C]   | [Bb] [C] |   
| [F] ...   | [Bb↓] [C↓] [F↓↓]

Carole (Key of C)
At | [F] night the stars put | [F] on a show for | [F] free   | [F]  
And | [C] darling, you can | [Am] share it all with | [Dm] me   | [C7↓]    

James (Key of F)
I keep a-telling you
| [F] Right smack dab in the | [Dm] middle of [Am] my town
I | [Bb] found a para- | [C7] dise that's just about trouble | [F] proof   | [Bb] [C]  
And | [F] if this old world starts | [Dm] getting you [Am] down
there's | [Bb] room enough for | [C7↓] two
Up on my | [F] roof...
| [Dm] ...Up on the | [Bb] roof [C] | [Bb] [C]  
Up on my | [F] roof...
| [Dm] ...Up on the | [Bb] roof [C] | [Bb] [C] | [F↓]  

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