Whale Of A Tale
Danny Michel (1999)

4/4 | d - D u - u d u |

| [C] | [G] | [Am] | [G]
| [F] | [F] | [G↓]

I [C] used to drive a [F] race car,
but I [G] won every single time [C]
I [C] once met the great Elvis [F] Presley
[G] way back in his | [C] prime [Dm↓]      [Em↓]   |     

[F] And the pilot had a [G] heart attack, yeah, so
| [C] I had to la- [G] and the plane | [Am]    
And I [F] once saved a little kid from [G] drownin',
and I in- [F] vented cellophane  [G]

[C] I used to be a [F] millionaire,
I'd drop a [G] thousand bucks a day  [C]
That [C] only made me all the more [F] lonely
so I [G] threw it all away | [C] [Dm↓][Em↓] |       

And [F] I've lived almost [G] everywhere,
probably right | [C]in your own [G] neighbour- | [Am] hood
[F] I once broke out of [G] prison
and I [F] hid out in the [G] woods

It was [C] there that I discovered a [F] dinosaur,
and I'd [G] drive a blue Cor- [C] vette
I [C] once swam clear across Lake [F] Erie
with- [G] out even getting wet | [C] [Dm↓][Em↓] |         

[F] I'm the guy who [G] saved the show 'cause
| [C]I know how to [G] fix a | [Am] fuse
Are these [F] pretzels compli- [G] mentary?
Well, I [F] don't mind if I [G] do

I [C] used to play the gui- [F] tar myself
'til a [G] press crushed my [C] hand
Have you [C] heard of the great Otis [F] Redding?
Well, [G] I played in his | [C] band [Dm↓][Em↓] |
[F] I once worked as a [G] miner;
I was an | [C] actor for a little [G] while off in | [Am] France
And my [F] uncle's cousin's [G] brother taught
[F] Fred Astaire to [G] dance

So if you [C] ask me how to [F] tango
I'll [G] wear down any rug  [C]
Cause if you've [C] seen the way those kids all [F] dance today
I [G] swear they're all on drugs | [C] [Dm↓][Em↓] |

[F] I could drink me a [G] million drinks
if a | [C] million drinks [G] did appear | [Am]    
But I [F] only got e- [G] nough
for [F] one more little [G↓] beer

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