What A Wonderful World
Louis Armstrong (Thiele & Weiss, 1967)

      Slowly and gently
4/4 | t - D - t - D - |
      1   2   3   4

I see | [C] trees of [Em] green, | [F] red roses [Em] too |
| [Dm] I see them [C] bloom, | [E7] for me and [Am] you,  
And I | [F] think to myself, | [G] What a wonderful | [C] world. [Caug] | [Dm] [G7]

I see | [C] skies of [Em] blue and | [F] clouds of [Em] white, |
| [Dm] The bright blessed [C] day, the | [E7] dark sacred [Am] night, |
And I | [F] think to myself, | [G] what a wonderful | [C] world  [F]   | [C]  

The | [G] colours of a rainbow are so | [C] pretty in the sky
Are | [G] also on the faces of | [C] people going by
I see | [Am] friends shaking [Em] hands saying | [Am] how do you [Em] do |
| [Am] They're really [Em] saying | [Dm] I love [G7] you.

I hear | [C] babies [Em] cry, | [F] I watch them [Em] grow   |
| [Dm] They'll learn much [C] more than | [E7] I'll ever [Am] know, |
And I | [F] think to myself, | [G] what a wonderful | [C] world   | [A7]  
Yes I | [Dm] think to myself, | [G7↓] ...what a wonderful | [C] world.  [Fm]   | [Cmaj7↓]      

#Here is a simple setting of the tune in C. Original is in the key of F.
#This arrangement focuses on accessible chords, great for a jam setting.
#Last Updated 01/29/18 JJ
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