Wheat Kings
The Tragically Hip (1992)

  G           C      
| D - - u D - D - | - u - u D - D u |
  1  (2)& 3 & 4       &   & 3   4 &

[G] [C] [G] [C]
[G] [C] [G] [C]

[G] Sun- [C] down in the [G] Paris of [C] the prairies
[G] Wheat [C] kings have [G] all [C] their treasures buried
[G] And all [C] you hear are the [G] rusty [C] breezes
[G] Pushing [C] around the [G] weather vane [C] Jesus
[G]  [C]  [G]  [C]

[G] In his Zippo [C] lighter, he [G] sees the [C] killer's face
[G] Maybe [C] it's someone [G] standing in the [C] killers place
[G] Twenty years [C] for nothing, well that's [G] nothing [C] new, besides
[G] No-one's [C] interested in [G] something you [C] didn't do

[D] Whe-e- [D] eat kings, and [G] pretty things   [C]  [G]  [C]
[D] Let's just [D]see what the [G] morning brings [C]  [G]  [C]

[G] There's a dream [C] he dreams where the
[G] High school is [C] dead and stark
[G] It's a mu- [C] seum and we're all [G] locked up in it [C] after dark
[G] The walls [C] are lined all [G] yellow, grey and [C] sinister
[G]Hung [C] with pictures of our [G] parents' prime [C] ministers

[D] Whe-e- [D] eat kings, and [G] pretty things [C]  [G]  [C]
[D] Wait and [D] see what to- [G] morrow brings [C]  [G]  [C]

[G] Late break- [C] ing story on the [G] CB [C] C
[G] A na- [C] tion whispers, "we [G] always knew that [C] he'd go free"
[G] They add, [C] "you can't be fond of [G] living in the [C] past
[G]'Cause if [C] you are then there's no
[G] Way that you're [C] gonna last"

[D] Whe-e- [D] eat kings, and [G]pretty things    [C]  [G]  [C]
[D] Let's just [D] see what to- [G] morrow brings [C]  [G]  [C]
[D] Whe-e- [D] eat kings, and [C] pretty things
[C] That's what tomorrow brings

[C]   [D]  [C]   [D]
[C]   [D]  [C]   [G↓]

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