ExpiredDaytime Beginner Ukulele

Strummin’ Hummin’ Singin’ n’ Pluckin’

Learn to strum, hum, sing and pluck the ukulele right from scratch. This introductory level class welcomes completely new players as well as those who want to spend time on the fundamentals. We always start each new session right at the beginning and build up skill by skill.

In this group, we’re principally focused on aquiring the ‘accompaniment’ skills, i.e. strumming chords and singing (or humming) the tune. This is what most of us imagine ‘playing the ukulele’ means, so we’ll start there. We’ll get comfortable with a small set of the most used chords. We’ll introduce you to the essential ‘All Purpose’ strums as well. All the while, learning popular songs and starting to build you a repertoire.

On the side, you’ll also be introduced to plucking simple melodies on the uke. You’ll get an overview of notation systems but we’ll focus on getting comfortable with tablature notation. This part is easy and enjoyable, and many see it as a bit of a break from the ongoing challenge of strumming, singing and chording at the same time.

The group setting is actually a great way to learn these skills. The group acts as a sort of ‘training wheels’ on this new bicycle that you’re learning to ride. It’s much easier to put all the elements of a song together with others playing beside you as well, of course, as a strong example at the front of the room. Also, I’ve found over the years that people who do uke classes are just great people to meet.

Skills you’ll aquire in Beginner Uke Part 1:
  • You’ll learn the best strategies for holding, fingering chords and notes, and strumming the ukulele.
  • You’ll learn the 8 to 12 most used chords and be able to move between them comfortably.
  • You’ll learn the essential ‘all purpose’ strums that will allow you to play any song you want.
  • You’ll be able to have your questions answered along the way.
  • You’ll learn 6-8 popular songs from across 100 years of popular music, including current hits.
  • Quality printed resources such as lyric sheets, chord diagrams, melodies in tablature notation and online resources to help you remember everything we do together and help you absorb the material more deeply in between lessons.
  • You’ll learn from an enthusiastic music teacher with years of experience teaching the ukulele and a never ending enthusiasm for exploring every kind of popular music with you.

You will need to bring your own ukulele to the class. | An entry level ukulele can be made available for short term loan (1-2 weeks) while you acquire your own instrument. | Quality course materials will be supplied.


Venue Website:

953 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1Y 3E5


Ukebox Lessons is so happy to be able to offer much of its programming at Alcorn Music Studios. We’ll be using their great spaces for some group and private lesson teaching. All lesson inquiries, scheduling and payment inquiries for Ukebox programming should continue to go to Joel Jacques (Ukebox Lessons). Don’t hesitate to be in touch! ukeboxlessons@gmail.com  or  call 613-323-1689

  • Mondays 1-2 | Jan 20-March 2 (6 weeks - excl Feb 17)
    January 20, 2020
    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
  • Mondays 1-2 | March 16-April 20 (6 weeks)
    March 16, 2020
    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm