Lesson 2 – Sizes and Types

In this video, the sizes of ukuleles is described and discussed. This is often a question for people when they are starting out and also when they are choosing their first instrument. The key takeaways to remember is that ….

  • Sopranos (Standard), Concerts (Altos) and Tenors are tuned the same way. We’ll be using any of these for this course.
  • Baritones are tuned differently, and not really the topic of this course. You can place a capo on the 5th fret of a baritone and then play it just like one of these.
  • If you haven’t yet aquired your instrument and are wondering which one to get, you can get any one. Concerts and Tenors are very popular for adults. I have a fondness for sopranos but they can be very ‘punchy’ sounding.