Lesson 7 – First Song: Eleanor Rigby

Chord Changing Preparation Exercise

In this video, we play the chord F for 2 bars (8 beats or 8 downstrums) followed by the chord Am for 2 bars. Notice that only one finger needs to be removed from the F chord to make Am.

||:  F    | F   | Am   | Am   :||

For the strumming, there is no subtlety here. We are doing to do full downstrums on every beat.

| D – D – D – D – |

Eleanor Rigby

Finally we get to play a song. This is Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles. It is a slightly simplified version, and not in the original key from the album. That being said, it is accessible and you can do this song today. Right now in fact.

Thoughts on how to practise this song:

  • The strumming is a full downstrum on every beat. It’s not subtle but it will get the job done.  | D – D – D – D – |
  • Play the exercise in the video at the top of the page a few times until the chord changing is comfortable.
  • Play along with the second video a few times to get used to the song.
  • After a bit, try singing along as well. This will be more difficult and will probably cause confusion. Try it anyway.
  • Now download the PDF below and try it out on your own. Take your time. At first it’s probably best to stop at the chord changes, make sure you have it right, then continue. If singing the words confuses things too much, try humming the tune to the best of your ability.
  • Don’t worry about how ‘well’ you sing at this point. Just do it.